Private Walking Tours

Go where no car can enter.
Our private walking tours take you to the soul of Lisbon.

Square next to the Tagus River, in Lisbon

Your own private English speaking local guide to show you the authentic Lisbon

Cheese spread

Private walking tour that combines boutique Portuguese wines, tapas and exploring the center of Lisbon.

Iberian pork sausages spread

The iconic Port wine served in the best wine bar in town after a great private walking tour.

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Private Walking Tours

Our private walking tours take you to the heart of Lisbon and the Portuguese soul.

We have the best team of local guides to offer you a memorable experience. Avoid the crowds and go instead for the traditional neighbourhoods, the narrow streets, the hidden gems.

Our reviews speak by themselves. People from every corner of the world have discovered Lisbon through the eyes of our local guides and loved the experience.

Try our private walking tours and stay away from the spots that everyone visits.

We take you where no cars can enter, we share our best-loved spots, we recommend our favorite restaurants, the food and wine experiences that we adore as lisboetas (the locals of Lisbon).

Your Friend in Lisbon offers personal, small, authentic, instead of mass tourism. Go for something special. Discover the real Lisbon with a local. 

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