Private Lisbon Walking Tour

Discover Lisbon with the best private guides in town


Our Private Lisbon Walking Tour takes you outside the crowds to discover the authentic Lisbon.

Get some of the best local guides to show you the city. No confusion, no stress, no strangers in your group. It is private and adjusted to you. 

Our guides are all fluent in English. They are local, friendly and knowledgeable. And they have a sense of humor. That offers you a perfect mix of information and fun. No boring tours. It is like meeting an old friend that is an expert in local history and culture. 

99,8% of 5 and 4-star reviews

As locals, we can tell you more about how it is to live in Lisbon, while also sharing our favorite spots, curiosities and fun stories. Our private tours are unique and personal experiences that will enrich your visit to Lisbon and make your trip even more special.

What they say about this private tour

More than 500 reviews can’t lie. Our Private Lisbon Walking Tour has 99,8% of 5 and 4-star reviews, one of the most impressive world records on TripAdvisor.

Our Lisbon private tours have also been featured in some of the most prestigious international publications and have been recommended by top personalities, like travel guru Rick Steves.

"My guide showed me new things I never noticed even after 20 years of visits to Lisbon"
USA author Rick Steves
Rick Steves
Travel Author

Our Private Lisbon Walking Tour works as a great introduction to the city. Our private local guides know Lisbon as the back of their hands and so they will be able to help you also plan the rest of your stay.

This private tour will show you where the main neighbourhoods are located and that will help you enjoy Lisbon much better in the next days.

All our guides are locals and fluent in English

As foodies and wine lovers, our private guides can also recommend some of our favorite restaurants, wine bars, museums and many other activities.

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View from the top of Alfama
Private Lisbon Walking Tour
Pastel de nata: a Portuguese specialty
Historical Arch in Lisbon
Lady doing laundry in Lisbon

Any questions?

Just comfortable shoes. In Summer time, we also recommend you use sunscreen and bring a bottle of water.

Lisbon is a hilly city. All our private Lisbon walking tours are lead by experienced local guides that know the shortcuts to avoid the big uphills, but it is impossible to avoid all the hills due to the nature of the city. This is a private tour, so adjusted to you, but still some hills will be on the way and so we do not recommend this tour to someone that has walking limitations. If this is your case, we strongly recommend that you opt for our Lisbonn by Car tour, which will allow you to go uphill without walking and with all the comfort

This is not a tour focused on the main attractions of Lisbon. It is, instead, a tour that explores the local neighbourhoods, off the beaten path spots, the oldest part of town, the narrow streets, the traditional places loved by locals, telling you about the history, stories, curiosities of Lisbon. We don’t do crowds, queues, mass tourism. If you are looking to visit the Lisbon castle, for example, this is not your type of tour — and, in our opinion, you won’t really need a guide for that. But, if you are a curious traveler looking for an authentic experience, our Private Lisbon Private Walking Tour will be perfect!

This is not a tour conceived for children. Despite that, we have had travelers doing it with kids and having lots of fun. The tour takes 3 hours. Does your kid like walking and is he/she a curious traveler? Or do you think it will get bored? It really depends.

Sends an email to with your preferred time and we will get back to you. 

Please check our cancellation policy for all the details.