Shellfish Paradise in Lisbon

Our favorite shellfish restaurant in Lisbon with a private guide


Welcome to one of our top gourmet experiences. Being foodies, we like trying the local restaurants and discovering new spots, but this one is our top when it comes to Portuguese shellfish.

It is difficult to find a place in Europe with fresher shellfish than this. And with a bigger variety of products. That is why we have created, with the restaurant, a special platter of shellfish that will allow you to try from the most traditional to the unsual products.

Taste the freshest shellfish in Lisbon

With a coast of more than 900 km, Portugal has the most delicious fish and shellfish that you can imagine. This is the opportunity of tasting with a local and that will offer you a completely different perspective.

Our private English speaking guide will pick you up at your Lisbon hotel. She/he will have a luxury modern Mercedes vehicle with a private chauffeur waiting for you. They will take you to our favorite shellfish restaurant in Lisbon for a memorable gourmet experience.

The platter of Portuguese shellfish will be served with a big variety of products, so you can try different things. Every day is different because we always go for the freshest products of the day, but we can guarantee you will have top quality shellfish, paired with some of the most amazing Portuguese boutique wines.

"It just completely blew our minds. It was one of the best food experiences I had in my life"
Craig Johnson

Our guides are all locals and fluent in English. They are also foodies and wine lovers, so they will be able to offer that you that richer experience, telling you more about the shellfish you are going to have, the places where is it coming from and, in some cases, helping you have the best parts of it.

Join us in our finest gourmet experiences. A tour for foodies that prefer quality, freshness, delicate and sophisticated flavors. We are here to offer you a memorable food experience.

All our guides are locals and fluent in English

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Shellfish platter

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Different days will have a different selection. We always go for the freshest and so it depends on the luck of the local fishermen that day. The variety may include Atlantic lobster, clams, local prawns, laps, gooseneck barnacles, Dungeness crab, scallops, oysters, and  much more, depending on the catch of the day.

We normally talk with you to learn about your preferences. Normally, the famous Portuguese vinho verde pairs wonderfully with shellfish and there are also some amazing whites that go really good. In any case, it will be Portuguese and it will be from small producers.

Sends an email to with your preferred time and we will get back to you. 

We offer full refund of the tours if you let us know of your cancellation until 48 hours before the tour. Please check all the details in our cancellation policy page.