Private Lisbon Food Tour

Try the best spots and taste the most delicious local food


Our Lisbon Food Tour is a private tour that is perfect for foodies. You will have your own private guide to take you to some of our favorites spots in Lisbon so you can taste the most traditional local food and wines.

Our guides are all local and fluent in English. This will offer you a richer experience. They will be able to choose the best options, but also tell you a bit more about the historical shops and the history of food.

A Lisbon Food with amazing history

Portugal has had a crucial impact on the food revolution of the 15th century. The Portugal Discoveries have forever changed the plates of Europe and other continents and this Private Lisbon Food Tour will also offer you a very interesting perspective about food history and the amazing food storied behind the famous navigators.

What is quite unique about this Private Lisbon Food Tour is that you will get to taste some of the most delicious Portuguese food and wines, but you also get a historical perspective about the spices, the shellfish, the fruits and much more. So, it is definitely a tour for foodies, but also for curious travelers.

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We have created great partnerships with our favorite local restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, wine bars, taverns, etc., to bring you a top curated experience.

As always, we prefer to go for quality products, not forgetting the traditional street food, which also is part of the culture. As a result, you get a wonderful combination of gourmet and unpretentious food, modern and traditional recipes.

"Loved this food tour. It is food and knowledge mixed together.
A great guide and a wonderful afternoon"
John Calep

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Please note: images are merely illustrative as our selection changes every day, according to the season and freshness of the local products.

Portuguese meat sandwich
Portuguese egg tarts
Pata Negra

Any questions?

Just comfortable shoes. In Summer time, we also recommend you use sunscreen and bring a bottle of water.

Portuguese gastronomy is based on fish, pork, bread, so we do not recommend this tour to vegetarians, vegan or gluten-free travelers.

Lisbon is a hilly city. All our private Lisbon walking tours are lead by experienced local guides that know the shortcuts to avoid the big uphills, but it is impossible to avoid all the hills due to the nature of the city. This is a private tour, so adjusted to you, but still some hills will be on the way and so we do not recommend this tour to someone that has walking limitations. If this is your case, we strongly recommend that you opt for our Lisbonn by Car tour, which will allow you to go uphill without walking and with all the comfort

We normally include, at least, 6 stops, but that can vary according to the day — some places close on specific days — and also your preferences: some people like to do fewer stops and try bigger portions in each one of them, other prefer more stops with less food in each one of them. So, we try to adjust as much as possible.

Sends an email to with your preferred time and we will get back to you. 

We offer full refund of the tours if you let us know of your cancellation until 48 hours before the tour. Please check all the details in our cancellation policy page.