Fátima tour in luxury car

Visit Óbidos and Nazaré in a modern Mercedes with a private chauffeur


Fátima is one of the biggest catholic sanctuaries in the world. Our Fátima tour will take you there with all the comfort and stoping at the historical village of Óbidos and the beautiful fishing village of Nazaré.

As always, you will have your own private guide to show you the important spots, but also offer you a local’s perspective and show you some of the hidden gems of the region.

Travel with all the comfort

You will travel in a luxury modern Mercedes vehicle, fully equipped with AC and leather seats, and driven by a private professional chauffeur for all safety.

The Fátima tour has a time-efficient itinerary. You are not losing time to, for example, park the car. The chauffeur takes care of everything, while you explore the points of interest.  So you will see more and with more comfort.

Our guides know the region very well and will be able to offer time-efficient itineraries, as also to suggest the best places to visit.

Our guides know the region very well, so they will be able to recommend the best options.

A visit to Óbidos, a charming medieval village, with its narrow streets, typical houses and the castle is a must. Nazaré, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Europe, is also a great stop, not only for the amazing views, but also for the giant waves where there is one the most famous surf competitions in the world.

We then head to Fátima, a unique experience for all Catholics. A place that attracts every year millions of pilgrims from every part of the world to pray to Our Lady and promises a deep contact with hope and faith.

Taste the freshest fish in the village of Nazaré, overlooking the Atlantic

For non-Catholic travelers that prefer to skip Fátima, we have also the option of visiting the Monastery of Batalha or Alcaboça, both UNESCO World Heritage monuments that are located in the region.

Our local guides are able to suggest the best options after an initial talk with you.

All our guides are locals and fluent in English

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Sanctuary of Fátima
Nazaré beach

Any questions?

Yes, we can visit the Monastery of Batalha or the Monastery of Alcobaça, instead. They are both located in the region and both are UNESCO World Heritage monuments with plenty to see.

Your Friend in Lisbon believes in safety, comfort and efficiency. If you have a guide that also drives, that means that he/she will be driving and answering your questions, pointing places of interest and not concentrated on the road. This is not safe. That is why our guides only have to focus on you. So, the main reason is safety, but it is also much more time efficient. Imagine using a guide that is also a driver. Once arriving at the place you want to visit, you will need to look for a place to park the car, then walking from the car to the place of interest and going back after the visit. You are loosing time. Because with us you will have also a private chauffeur, he/she stops at the door, so you can start visiting, and goes to park and shows up as soon as your guide gives the information you are getting out. No time wasted, more safety and efficiency.

No, in case you want to visit any monuments, tickets are not included in the price.

No, lunch is not included in the price. But our guides know the region very well and will be able to offer suggestions of great places, if you wish.

Tips are not included in the price. In Portugal, tipping is not expected, but it is appreciated and it works as a sign that you have enjoyed the service. There are no rules regarding the percentage. The decision to tip and the amount is entirely up to you. 

Sends an email to info@yourfriendinlisbon.com with your preferred time and we will get back to you. 

We offer full refund of the tours if you let us know of your cancellation until 48 hours before the tour. Please check all the details in our cancellation policy page.