Lisbon city tour

When it comes to Lisbon, we are biased. It’s our city, we love it, and we love to show it. Portugal’s capital has it all: the mighty Tagus river, quaint neighborhoods and cosmopolitan areas. Big avenues and narrow streets and alleys. Restaurants with Michelin stars and family owned places, where moms and grandmas are happy to welcome and feed you as family. You can find grand monuments and sites, but also hidden places and a feel of authentic living. Quiet terraces and a vibrant nightlife. However, to the ones that don’t know the city and have a limited time frame, choosing what to do can be tricky. That’s why we decided to share some thoughts of what makes, in our opinion, the ultimate Lisbon City Tour.


The Rossio square is a good starting point for a walking tour.

The key to any Lisbon City Tour is to plan. And this begins way before arriving in the city. First: how much time do you have? The capital is not an enormous metropolis, but it is impossible to cover everything in a few hours. Specially if you are planning only on walking. Besides, Lisbon is a city made of several steep hills. At Your Friend in Lisbon we know how to avoid the biggest climbs, but you can not ‘escape’ them 100% of the time. That can be time-consuming and tiring, which means some stops to rest. Be aware of all of this when planning.

Second: Lisbon’s city center and its charming popular districts, the popular Belém area – where the main monuments are located – and the Parque das Nações district – where the Oceanarium is – are distant from each other. To give you an example, Baixa (Dowtown or city center) and Belém are about 9Km (5.6 miles) away and Baixa and Parque das Nações 10Km (6.2 miles). Is it doable in one stretch? Hardly, right? So, be wise and either choose or divide the time you have available.

On foot or by car?

If you just have a day, or less, and want to see as much as possible, our advice is to book a car tour, private and customized. You can explain exactly what you wish, seek advice from Lisbon’s experts, escape the crowds and entrance lines, don’t worry about being late and where to park. All of this will result in an unforgettable Lisbon City Tour.

However, if you are keen on discovering the city while roaming, a walking tour can be the perfect choice. Better still if you have a person dedicated just for you and your group. A knowledgeable, fluent and engaging guide can be game changing. We always say that the best tours are the ones where our guides and our guests have good communication. Sharing thoughts, visions and wishes will create a unique, amazing and fun Lisbon experience.

Authentic and changing Lisbon

A good Lisbon City Tour will get you beyond beaten track places.

So, what do we mean exactly when we say ‘a great Lisbon City Tour? Well, first and foremost, the experience will be remarkable if, in the end, you feel that you have seen and lived the authentic city. You can read about our choices here.

However, the capital is vibrant and ever-changing: some areas have fallen victims of over demand and are crowded, others are affected by the aftermath of the pandemic. And others, still, are booming with creativity, good nightlife, an ecosystem of tradition and modernity. At Your Friend in Lisbon, we are always connected to what Lisbon was, is and has to offer. And we would love to share it with you.

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