Lisbon places to visit

Imagine that you are planning to stay in the portuguese capital just for a few days. What should you do? And what Lisbon places to visit are a must? Of course you can explore online, or pick a guide book, or talk to friends that have seen the city. But we want to help you make the most of the experience.

First of all, Lisbon is a very safe city. You can walk almost anywhere, day and night, and feel confortable. Of course some precautions are needed – for example with pickpockets – but probably nothing more serious will ever happen. That out of the way, it’s time to sart exploring!


King Joseph I reigns over Praça do Comércio

In the list of Lisbon places to visit, the Baixa – or Downtown area – is a must. Heart of the city, it was design to amaze, after the devastating earthquake of 1755. Besides the shops, the monuments, the churches, the monumental Praça do Comércio, this area of Lisbon is perfect to have a first taste of the capital and the country. Best time to do it? Early morning or during sunset time.


One of Alfama’s old houses.

Alfama is the second oldest neighborhood in Europe. Inhabited at least since the roman times, it is where the popular soul still exists. Close to some of the main monuments – São Jorge Castle, the Cathedral, São Vicente Monastery or the National Pantheon – it is also a great place to stay. Get lost on the maze of old and narrow streets and if you are lucky, a grandmother will invite you to come in and have some sour cherry brandy!


Henry the Navigator and his friends

The challenge in Belém is where to start. From the Jerónimos monastery, to the Belém Tower, or the Padrão where Prince Henry is depicted, the museums, the Presidential Palace, the gardens or the bakery from where the custard tarts started conquering the World… There is a lot to do and see! Our advice is to go early a choose what you really want to do. Or, better still, contact us and we will custom a design day, just for you.

Parque das Nações

You can see the area from the sky

In 1998, LIsbon hosted the World Exposition dedicated to the Oceans. One third of the city was reconstructed, from industrial areas to a futurist landscape, filled with some of the best and artsy buildings in the city. So, if you like architecture and a modern vibe, this is for you. Don’t leave without seeing the Oceanário de Lisboa, one of the best and biggest aquariums in the World.

Our Lisbon places to visit

Lisbon is a canvas for street art

At Your Friend in Lisbon we are passionate about our city. And we love to show it in small groups, always with a private guide. We never miss the ‘must see’, but we go way beyond that: the details, the anedoctes, the best restaurants and bars, the hidden spots, the newcomers, the street art… If you want to discover Lisbon with us, just reach out and tell us what would make you happy!

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