Lisbon boat tours

The river Tagus is one of the city’s main features. So, why not use it to see the capital from a different perspective? Lisbon boat tours are a must and we know a lot about them.

Imagine that you have only a few hours in Lisbon and want to see as much as possible. Doing a walking tour is a good option, but you have another great choice: a boat tour.

Enjoy the Sunset

In Lisbon, the sun drops on the Atlantic Ocean. If you happen to be on a boat, during this magical golden hour, it is possible to experience the sky “catching fire”, while seeing some of the city’s main monuments.

The Tagus Bridge, Belém, Praça do Comércio and even a man-made little island, with a lighthouse, are only some of the attractions. By the way, it can be a very romantic experience!

At Your Friend in Lisbon, we have organized unforgettable Sunset Sailing Tours and helped to create many cherished memories.

Tradition, tradition

For many centuries, the Tagus estuary – one of the biggest in Europe – has been filled with all kinds of different boats. The colorful traditional vessels used to bring all kinds of products to the city. Today, there are plenty of companies that offer river cruises with a traditional twist. And you can even have a meal on board.

Nosso Tejo



We are sailing

Portugal is a maritime nation. So, no wonder that a lot of Lisbon boat tours are done with sailing boats. These are our top choices when it comes to set sail in the Tagus.

Tagus Cruises

Marlin Tours

Lisbon by Boat

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