Lisbon day trips

Portugal’s capital city is surronded by several amazing places to explore. Lisbon day trips allow you to discover the coastline, a bit of History, places of faith, places of fun and great food and wine.


Half an hour from the city center, this village is a gem and definitely worth of exploring. Besides the well-known Pena Palace, Village Palace, the Moorish Castle and Regaleira, there are many other places to see in this UNESCO World Heritage. And don’t miss the westernmost point of Continental Europe!


Fátima is one of the most important shrines in the World. An absolutely place of devotion, it attracts not only roman catholics but also people from other faiths. Besides Fátima, during a day trip from Lisbon, you can also visit other places where History, Faith and Heritage are combined. Óbidos and Alcobaça are the best options.


Want to spend the day between the beach, a National Park, great food and wine, roman ruins and dolphin watching? If so, Setúbal is the day trip for you. Leave Lisbon and in one hour you can be trekking at the Arrábida mountains. Tasting fresh fish and crisp white wine. Discovering ancient remains in Tróia. Or having a swim in a beach just for you.


Évora is a bestseller in Lisbon day trips. And it’s easy to see why. The city has everything: prehistoric sites, a roman temple and spa, medieval and renaissance churches and monuments. And even a spooky Bone Chapel!

Lisbon day trips with friends

To make the most of your time and really enjoy Lisbon day trips, the key is to plan. Skip the crowds and the not-so-interesting sites, choose the best way to get to places, the best timing to visit monuments, make sure to buy tickets in advance. And if you are a foodie, make sure to have time for great meals or tastings. If all of this seems a lot of work, leave it to us. Reach out to Your Friend in Lisbon and let us custom your experience. Sintra, Fátima, Setúbal, Évora or anywhere else you want to go, with private guides and drivers that can easily became friends.

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